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2017 GYFA Summer Tour - Berrien & Cook Counties      
The 2017 Summer Tour will be hosted jointly by the Berrien & Cook County Young Farmers on June 23rd & 24th.  Berrien & Cook counties are situated in central South Georgia just north of the Florida state line and are the hosts of the 2017 GYFA Summer Tour.  Both counties are predominantly rural counties with an economic base centered around agriculture.  The 2017 GYFA Summer Tour will include two days of farm tours as well as an agricultural tour designed for the ladies.  Tours will include crop and produce production and packing (blueberries, watermelons, peppers), sod production, agricultural equipment manufacturing and an Agricultural Aerial Applicator.  

Tour Schedule      
Friday, June 23, 2017
2:30 to 3:00 p.m Load buses at Cook High School
3:00 to 5:30 p.m. Berrien County Tour
Vickers Farms
Lane Air Farming
3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Registration at Cook High School
6:30 p.m. Supper & Entertainment at Cook High School

Saturday, June 24, 2017
7:00 to 7:30 a.m. Load buses at Cook High School
7:30 a.m to 12:00 noon Cook County Tour & Ladies Tour
Ladies Tour:
Horse Creek Winery
Southern Grace Farms
Farm Tour:
Colombo North America
Pike Creek Turf
Evergreen Produce, LLC
12:30 p.m. Return to Cook High School for Lunch

Registration and Friday night activities with be held at Cook High School in Adel.  Cook High is located on Highway 37 Easter, approximately three miles from Adel.  If you're coming from Interstate 75, take Exit 39 onto Hwy 37/76. Continue east on Hwy 37/76 towards Nashville and Ray City.  Three miles out, follow highway 37 towards Ray City.  Cook High School will be on the right just after Highways 76 and 37 split.  Park in the rear of the Cook High School and enter into the cafeteria from the parking lot.  

Horse Creek Winery      
 Horse Creek Winery and Perry Vineyards is a 40 acre Muscadine Grape vineyard located in Berrien County. Owners Ed and Andrea Perry started a fresh fruit vineyard in 1992 that led to a wine making facility and the development of Horse Creek winery in 2008.  The scope of Horse Creek Winery has expanded to event facilities at the Winery location in Berrien County as well as a wine tasting room and bistro in Cook County. The Perry's have worked to achieve an environment that has allowed old southern traditions to blend seamlessly with the progression and innovation of the new south.  This is accomplished by using historic Muscadine varieties along with modern facilities and wine making practices to produce smooth award winning Muscadine wines that are uniquely Horse Creek.  

Pike Creek Turf      
Pike Creek Turf is the largest producer of fumigated Georgia certified turf grasses in the southeastern United States.Due to the state of the art harvesting methods and delivery of the highest quality and trusted turf grass varieties Pike Creek is rapidly becoming a major international turf grass supplier.Pike Creek turf is owned operated by Mr. Jimmy Allen and his family who began turf grass production in 1989.What began as a 100 acre turf grass farm in 1989 has grown to 1800 acres producing 14 varieties of turf grass sod and seed.Pike Creek turf has developed a strong reputation with golf courses architects, developers, superintendents, and contractors due to the quality of their products, installation, and dedicated customer service.

Colombo North America      
Colombo North America is a peanut combine manufacturer located in Adel, Georgia.  Colombo NA operates as a subsidiary of Colombo Group, which is the largest Brazilian manufacturer of harvesters for peanuts, edible dry beans and components such as PTO drive shafts and U-joints.  For over 40 years, Colombo has been recognized worldwide for the quality of products, engineering expertise, state of the art manufacturing facilities and high quality workplaces.  Colombo NA has continued this legacy in their Georgia assembly plants since 2006.  Colombo NA provides the nations peanut farmers with a selection of 4 row and 6 row rotary peanut combines and dump carts.    

Evergreen Produce, LLC      
  Evergreen Produce, LLC is owned and operated by Brent Bloser and his family in Cook County.  Brent Bloser Farms is a traditional row crop farm that has a historically produced cotton, peanuts, corn and soybeans.  To open up the opportunities for their children to remain part of the farming operation, Brent and his wife Ray expanded their operation to include produce, specializing in watermelons, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage.  That expansion, which has become Evergreen Produce, has grown to include processing, packing, and shipping of fresh produce from their modern packing facility located in Cook County. Evergreen Produce has also expanded into the u-pick market with fresh vegetables and strawberries available when in season. Evergreen Farms is a part of Georgia Grown Trail 37 and will have a new retail market opening this summer to market their products. 

Lane Air Farming      
Lane Air Farming offer agricultural aerial application services to crop protection companies and growers in south Georgia and north Florida.  Owner Ashley Lane has been a pilot for 25 years and has been an aerial applicator for 22 years.  Lane Air Farming is located south of Nashville and serves row crop producers with two dedicated planes.  Lane increases his area of service by utilizing mobile tending equipment allowing him to use many landing strips throughout his service area.  Mobile equipment and multiple landing sites also reduces turnaround times during the application by reducing the number of trips to his home base.  Aerial application can account for as much as 25% of crop protection applications, especially in wet years.  Lane Air Farming is equipped to provide the fastest, most efficient way to apply crop protection chemicals.

Vickers Farms      
Carlos and Lamar Vickers along with their families operate Vickers Farms in Berrien County.Vickers Farms is a diversified operation producing cotton, peanuts, corn, tobacco, watermelons, soybeans and cattle with the recent addition of blueberries.To help spread the risk of increasing input costs for volatile commodity prices the Vickers recently converted 160 acres of cropland to irrigated blueberry production.Blueberries have a become profitable crop in south Georgia, especially on land that has been marginal in producing traditional row crops like cotton and peanuts.Vickers Farms employs mechanical harvesters to ensure a quick harvest of berries when maturity is at its optimum.Berries are shipped to Manor, Georgia for processing and packaging of fresh blueberries.Berries are marketed through MBS Coop, a starte of the art grading and packaging facility.Berries are shipped fresh throughout the southeast.

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