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Ag Safety      
CareerSafe Online Federal OSHA 10-Hour General Industry for Agriculture safety training
This online program costs $25 a students but they do earn a Federal OSHA 10-Hour card and it has been approved for multiple different funding sources at the Federal and State levels. CareerSafe is a proud partner with FFA and the SAY program (Safety in Agriculture for Youth).

Cooperative Extension - Ag Safety & Health

NIOSH - Telling the Story Project

University of Minnesota - Ag Safety & Health

Drawing Electrical Circuits      
Drawing Electrical Circuits

 The idea is that teachers can send it or tell students how to access it and have them diagram circuits for distance learning. Teachers could instruct students to watch the video, then download the Drawing Electrical Circuits Powerpoint and diagram the circuits provided. Please also see link below for Drawing 3 way & 4 way switch Powerpoint. Students can use the skills they developed in the Drawing Electrical Circuits tutorial and the instructions in the 3 way & 4 way switch Powerpoint to diagram circuits as well. (shared by Sidney Bell)
Drawing 3 way & 4 way switch circuits in Powerpoint
Drawing Electrical circuits in Powerpoint

Hand Tools      

Ohm's Law Lesson      

Ohm's Law Lesson (from Mr. Sidney Bell)

This powerpoint includes instruction on Ohm's Law as well as how to use a multimeter to measure volts, Ohm's and audible continuity, what single-phase means and the difference between single and 3 phase, but those are things that individual teachers can do based on student interest, questions asked and the teachers own comfort level with the subject matter. Teachers are more than welcome to give Mr. Sidney Bell a call if they would like some suggestions on how to utilize this or if they have any questions.

Small Engines      

Welding Resources      
Miller Open Book (online welding resources)
 Welding 101 Worksheet
(word document shared from Jerry Stone)


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