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  Our mission is to be a premier learning system that delivers agricultural, environmental and leadership education programs and services. Georgia Agriculture Education is divided into three regions: North, Central and South. For resources pertaining to each region, please click the respective link below:  
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  Middle School Ag Ed Standards for Public Review    
  Posted 5/14/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Middle School Ag Ed course standards haven't been revised since 2009.  A working committee including current Ag Ed teachers, post secondary teachers & industry members reviewed and revised the Middle School Ag Ed Standards.  Please take a minute to review each grade level standards for Ag Ed and complete a quick survey  

  Elementary Ag Ed Standards for Public Review    
  Posted 5/14/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Georgia Department of Education has 19 schools who have joined the Pilot Elementary Agricultural Education program.  These schools will begin implementing this program in Fall 2019.  Please take a minute to review proposed courses elementary agricultural education standards of excellence and complete a quick survey for each grade level.   

  Ga FFA State Convention    
  Posted 4/26/2019 by Georgia FFA Association  

  Metter High Schoolers Build Duck Boxes    
  Posted 4/19/2019 by Georgia FFA Association  
Blake Jeffers, Jon Milligan and the students who constructed wood duck boxes for the Duck Conservation Society.  This photo was featured in last month's issue of the Georgia Outdoor News.  I thought it was a great article and public relations for the program.  The link below will take you to the article. 

  Georgia Agriculture Education: Teacher Spotlight VIEW ALL  
  Gladden Middle  
  Roseanna Volz  
  Roseanna Volz was always intrigued by the agriculture field, as she grew up hearing stories about her grandfather’s dairy farm. Roseanna attended Heritage High School where she was a chapter officer her senior year and competed in several Career Development Events. Roseanna is completing her third year at Gladden Middle School. Roseanna’s career goals are to expand her knowledge, not only in the field of agriculture but in the field of education in general. Roseanna now employs a variety of hands-on tasks in her classroom to engage her students. One example is having the students develop a large map of the U.S. agriculture top commodities by state. When asked what inspired her to teach agriculture she responded, “One of the first meetings I had with my agriculture teacher, he asked me 'What are your plans after high school?' I replied, ‘I honestly don’t know’. He then followed with 'Have you ever thought about being an agriculture teacher?' My exact response was 'You’re crazy. There’s no way I am becoming a teacher!' He told me 'just think about it for a while. You might change your mind.' The second meeting he asked me the same thing. I told him 'I am still not sure' but to be honest, the thought of an agriculture teacher was still swimming around in my head. By the third meeting, which happened in the last semester of my senior year, he asked me 'What are your plans after high school?' I said, 'to be an Ag teacher'. He saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself. Without his guidance and persistence, who knows where I would be today."  

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