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Technological advances in American Agriculture continue to influence the way students must prepare for their futures. Students entering the workforce need a strong knowledge base and the ability to comprehend processes common to agricultural mechanics. Employers want productive workers and managers that can access and use a broad range of information. The most sought after employees are those who communicate effectively, continue to stay current with modern technology, and work successfully as individuals and as team members. Students with these skills and abilities are more competitive in the job market, receive financial rewards, and are selected for advancement.

This event is open to students in grades 9-12 who are agricultural education students, and are paid members of a chartered FFA chapter. Each member of the team must be a member of the chapter registering them, and each student’s name must appear on the chapter’s FFA roster at least 10 days prior to competition above the chapter level.

Chapters are limited to one (1) CDE team per chapter. The top two (2) teams from each area will be eligible to participate in the State Agricultural Mechanics CDE. The state winning team will represent Georgia in the National Agricultural Mechanics CDE. Any member of a state winning team is ineligible to compete in this event again.

CDE Guidelines      
NameDate AddedSize
Agricultural_Mechanics_Operat_Maint_CDE_Revised_2021 7/27/2021 746 KB

Study Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
ENR Legal Land Description Tutorial 1/17/2024 613 KB
John Deere Gator HPX Tech Manual TM2195 12/15/2022 36807 KB


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