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Elementary Agricultural Awareness Lesson Plans      
These lessons are available for 2nd - 5th Grade students. The lessons have been structured to fit a five day schedule for each agricultural category. Lessons throughout the program will include a Reading/Vocabulary Activity, a Hands-On Activity, a Science Activity, and a Math Activity. Our suggestion is to start with the Reading/Vocabulary Lesson which includes a book. Every lesson thereafter will relate to the book and the agricultural category. Beyond day 1, the lesson order is up to the Elementary Teacher and Agriculture Teacher to decide what is best for the students. Our hope is that students who take part in the Ag Awareness High School Student to Elementary Student Program will learn about agriculture and the world around them while having fun too.

Moo Master Candidate Program      
Lesson Plans, Videos and Worksheets created by Mrs. Shelby Waldroup under the direction of Dr. Nick Fuhrman.  


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